OP-ED·May 16, 2022

Candidates must pass the small business litmus test

By: Guy Berkebile
Appeared in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.  The Pennsylvania primary is here. And one litmus test voters should apply to candidates before pulling the lever is the degree to which they support the small business community. Most politicians will talk the talk, but they also need to walk the walk. There… Read More

OP-ED·May 6, 2022

Arizona passes policies Congress should mimic

By: Michael Peller
Appeared in the Arizona Capitol Times. The Biden administration has signaled what they’re looking for in the federal budget proposal for fiscal year 2023. What’s included? Notably, more fiscally irresponsible government spending and ideas to raise or create new taxes. Curiously, the plan hides just how much… Read More

OP-ED·April 18, 2022

Alfredo Ortiz: Protect Taxpayers and the Economy by Making the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Permanent

By: Alfredo Ortiz
Appeared in Breitbart. Monday is Tax Day, the deadline for Americans to file their 2021 tax returns. While filing taxes is painful, especially for small businesses, it could get a lot worse in the years to come. President Biden’s recently announced budget proposes raising taxes by $2.5 trillion. He… Read More

News Story·April 12, 2022

Job Creators Network launches 7-figure ‘Great Opportunity Project’ ad buy to promote free-market policies

By: Tyler O'Neil
Appeared in Fox Business. EXCLUSIVE – The Job Creators Network (JCN) is launching a seven-figure “Great Opportunity Project” to promote free-market policies that it says have led to prosperity. The project will run across the country, with policies enacted in Georgia, South Dakota and Arizona, featured and additional states to be mentioned as the… Read More

OP-ED·April 11, 2022

‘Great Opportunity Project’ Spreads Best State Economic Policies Nationwide

By: Alfredo Ortiz and Jonathan Williams
Appeared in RealClear Politics. Next Monday is Tax Day, the last day for Americans to file their 2021 tax returns. This year’s Tax Day coincides with President Biden’s recent proposal to raise taxes on small businesses, corporations, and individuals by $2.5 trillion. His plan would partly reverse the Tax… Read More

OP-ED·April 11, 2022

Column: Follow Iowa’s example

By: Erik Lee
Appeared in the Quad-City Times. Small business owners are becoming increasingly frustrated with the fallout of policies driven by the Biden administration. As out-of-control spending continues to be the name of the game in Washington, D.C., Iowans are experiencing inflation that hasn’t been seen in four decades. It’s no… Read More

OP-ED·April 9, 2022

Florida Provides a Blueprint Other States Should Follow | Opinion

By: Jeremy Torisk
Appeared in the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. A new report card of America’s governors put together by famed economists Art Laffer, Steve Moore, and others ranks Gov. Ron DeSantis as the number three head state executive in the country. The scoring system is based on a wide variety of factors that… Read More

OP-ED·February 23, 2022

Local Opinion: Arizona provides a good blueprint for state tax reform

By: Carlos Ruiz
Appeared in the Arizona Daily Star. As famously noted by Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis in 1932 to explain federalism, states “are the laboratories of democracy.” Empowered with the autonomy to explore and test policy proposals, states can either act as a beacon for others to follow or a… Read More